Is Taking A Shower Making You Sick? How to Remove Mold in Your Shower

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You take a shower to get clean or to relax, not to get sick. If you don’t remove mold in shower, you could be doing yourself as much harm as good. A simple cleaning isn’t good enough when dealing with mold. Keep reading, and we’ll look at how to clean shower mold so you can feel refreshed again.

Not Feeling Well? Statistics Say Air Quality Probably Has a Lot to Do With It

Do you sneeze? Cough? Have trouble with allergies? In a 1999 study, the Mayo Clinic found that over 90% of sinus related illnesses were caused by airborne toxins found in mold and other microorganisms.

Improving the air you breathe can improve your overall health. We spend more than half our lives in our own homes. One way to improve the air in your home is to remove shower mold.

Even if you don’t see mold, you may have a problem with mold in your shower. If your bathroom has a musty smell, there’s mold in there somewhere. If you feel ill during or after showers, you probably have a mold problem in the shower area.

You Need Some Air in Here

The two main things that promote the growth of mold are lack of air circulation and moisture. If you don’t do something to address them, it won’t do you any good to remove shower mold. The mold would only grow again.

You can’t help having some moisture in the bathroom. Minimize it by drying the shower stall and curtain. Remove any damp clothing and towels as well.

You can do more about air circulation than moisture. Install a ventilation fan to get the air moving. This will help the bathroom dry more quickly and keep the air from stagnating.

How to Clean Shower Mold Effectively

To clean the shower area, mix a cup of bleach into a gallon pail of water. If you prefer, use a store bought tub and tile cleaner. Scrub the entire tub, shower stall, and the area around the shower. Include the floor, walls and ceiling near the shower.

Rinse everything thoroughly with water. Then, dry everything. If you remove mold in shower areas and leave it dripping wet, you’re going to get more mold. To remove shower mold for good, towel dry the shower area after each use.

When the Mold Problem is Too Big to Handle Yourself

Here are some situations when you should call a professional to remove mold in shower areas instead of handling it yourself:

  • You have respiratory problems or are allergic to mold.
  • Mold covers an area larger than 3’x3’.
  • Mold has settled deep into porous surfaces like drywall or ceiling tile.
  • Mold has set in behind the shower stall.
  • Several attempts to remove mold in shower stall yourself are ineffective.

Much of the illness we suffer from is related to mold in our indoor air. Your bathroom is one of the most common places for mold to grow in your home. Don’t let your shower make you sick. Take steps to remove shower mold today.

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